Project Description

Vienna & Budapest World’s Fair 1995

Vienna, Austria & Budapest, Hungary

In December of 1989, The International Bureau of Expositions [B.I.E.] awarded the Governments of Austria and Hungary the date of 1995 to host a major international exposition – the first in the over 100- year history of such events to be hosted simultaneously in two cities: Vienna and Budapest. Bechtel was engaged early in the planning process to prepare a feasibility study.

Subsequently, Bechtel assisted in the preparation of the application which was successfully presented to the B.l.E. in April of 1989. Bechtel also provided the technical background information which served as the basis for the architectural competition for the Vienna site which was concluded in January of 1991.

Subsequently, due to a referendum held in Vienna in May of 1991, the Austrian Government withdrew from the project. In 1992 Bechtel was engaged by the Hungarian organizers to provide advisory services for the successor project – Expo’96 Budapest.

Bechtel performed the following studies:

Feasibility Study:

  • Analysis and selection of theme
    “Bridges to The Future“

  • Definition of Objectives
  • Estimate of Attendance and Revenues
  • Execution Plan

B. I.E. Inquiry Report

  • Proposed Organization
  • Promotional/Publicity Strategy
  • General Regulations

Space & Function Program

  • Exposition Space Requirements
  • Functional Criteria
  • Permanent Use Considerations

Financial Planning Model

  • Capital Cost Estimate
  • Operating Cost Scenario
  • Revenue Scenarios

Study Manager