Project Description

Gold Rush Visitor Attraction

Sacramento, California

Parsons is providing a variety of services in connection with the aspirations of key public and private stakeholders in Sacramento, California to develop a visitor attraction recognizing and celebrating the California Gold Rush. Regarded as the defining moment in the history of the State of California, now the world’s fifth largest economy, the Gold Rush has, to-date, lacked a high-quality, focused visitor attraction. It is envisioned that this attraction can aid in the interpretation of not only the historical significance of the Gold Rush, but in telling the compelling story of its impact on virtually all aspects of California’s development from the diversity of its population to the breadth of its industry and innovative spirit. The project is also seen as a vehicle to increase tourism to the City and be a catalyst for interest in the many existing attractions and cultural assets in the region.

To assist in realizing the project, Parsons, and renowned cultural attractions designer Barry Howard, designer of the highly successful California Railroad Museum, are providing guidance in identifying and selecting alternative sites for the project, developing project concepts (which may range from renovation/reuse of historic structures to development of a new destination attraction), and examining prospects for the sustainability of the project by conducting appropriate market and economic analyses.

It is anticipated that upon selection of a preferred concept, the team will continue to assist in developing the project through additional planning, design and implementation assistance.


The Parsons team is providing a range of services for the project, including:

  • Concept Charettes: Stakeholders have participated

in working sessions to provide input on project

location, goals and expectations.

  • Site and Concept Alternatives: A range of

alternative sites has been examined and a

preferred site selected. Alternatives, from a theme

park to a conventional museum, have been

evaluated as a basis for formulating a preferred


  • Market and Economics. Potential attendance,

revenues and expenses, warranted investment and

other financial parameters have been generated.

  • Project Concept. A facilities concept has been

developed along with a visitor narrative and

illustrations of the physical experience of visitors.

  • Implementation:. Next steps have been outlined including a schedule and phasing approa



PM (Study Phase)