Project Description

Yanbu Industrial City

In 1975, as part of a major effort to promote industrial and economic development, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia established a Royal Commission to oversee the development and operation of two large industrial cities: Jubail on the Persian Gulf and Yanbu on the Red Sea; Yanbu is located approximately three and a half hours north of Jeddah. Yanbu’s industrial city includes refineries and petrochemical installations as well as a permanent residential community including the requisite community facilities to support the management and operations personnel and their families. Urban plans for the city have been periodically updated in order to anticipate future development of industries, infrastructure and housing. In 2015 the latest Master Plan update was undertaken which was prepared by an-house Royal Commission team with the support of Parsons, long time Project Managers for Yanbu since its inception, and other specialists in such areas as logistics, port design, and solar energy.


Master Plan Advisor: Industrial Component