Project Description

Cata Beach: Master Plan – Venezuela

The Governor of the State of Aragua, Venezuela requested technical assistance in planning for the redevelopment of Cata, a public beach which had progressively been degraded through the development of illegal housing used on weekends by people from the nearby city of Maracay. A conceptual plan was developed to provide unimpeded public access to the beach and included a variety of facilities and services including: access roads and parking, boat launch ramp, restaurants, restrooms and showers, children’s play areas and overnight camping areas. The plan was implemented over a period of approximately six months, and the popularity of the beach increased dramatically. Today, the natural beauty of this perfect “horseshoe” Caribbean beach can be enjoyed by the region’s residents and visitors.


The following services were provided:

Site Analysis and Evaluation

  • Based on a new topographical survey which included delineation of property lines, an evaluation of the site opportunities and constraints was performed.


  • A program of potential public facilities and services was developed in concert with the planned public operation of the beach.

Conceptual Master Plan & Site Layout

  • A conceptual master plan for the redevelopment of the beach area was prepared including all traffic and transportation elements, overnight accommodations and recreational facilities.

Phasing Plan

  • A phasing plan for the implementation of the project was prepared to allow the project to be initiated with limited funding.


Role: Principal Planner