Project Description

Bank of America Global Construction Program

South America

As part of the Corporate Real Estate Division of Bank of America’s Global Construction Program, involving a major restructuring of the Bank’s approach to delivery of their real estate facilities, Bechtel was selected to provide a variety of design and construction services in South America. In Sao Paulo, Brazil and Buenos Aires, Argentina, Bechtel engaged the services of local architects and engineers and builders and managed the design and construction of renovation projects for the Bank’s main operating offices in those cities. The Sao Paulo renovation involved two floors of offices (approximately 5,000 square feet -465 square meters) and installation of a 15-position trading floor with state-of-the art communications systems. In Buenos Aires, the project involved the renovation of 8 floors of space (approximately 35,000 square feet -3,250 square meters) and the installation of another trading floor. In Santiago, Chile Bechtel undertook a complete evaluation of the Bank’s existing building, including all building systems and developed a design and cost estimate for a major renovation of the facility. Based upon the findings of this study, the Bank decided to relocate their operations to a new building. Bechtel managed the design of the new office layout and construction was successfully completed in 1998.
A range of services was provided for the projects including:

  • Architecture/Engineering: Consultation with Bank management and operations personnel on staffing plans, functional and equipment requirements and operating criteria. Preparation of floor plan layouts, including as-built drawings, mechanical and electrical systems and furniture, partitions and lighting.
  • Cost Estimating: Preparation of lists of all major project components, quantification of these items as a basis for preparing detailed cost estimates.
  • Scheduling: Preparation and monitoring of project schedules.
  • Construction Management: Day-to-day site management of construction including identification of scope, schedule and budget changes.

Program Manager