Project Description

Algeciras Bay – Urban & Regional Development Program


At the request of the Regional Government of Andalucia, in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Works of Spain, Bechtel undertook a study to examine the economic development opportunities presented by the Algeciras Bay region, located in southern Spain adjacent to the Straits of Gibraltar. Algeciras Bay is one of the deepest natural harbors in Europe, located on the strategic crossroads between Europe and Africa between the Mediterranean and the rest of the world. The study focused on market areas where natural attributes and advantages of the region offered potentially competitive positions.

A recommended development program was prepared consisting of several specific projects including expansion of the existing container port and airport as well as support infrastructure. Conceptual designs of major projects were developed as a basis for developing information on potential order-of-magnitude costs and revenues. Citibank EspaƱa prepared an economic feasibility study of the projects and suggested potential financing strategies.

The following services were provided:

International Marketing Campaign

  • Identification of public and private entities with potential interest in the region.
  • Presentation of regional plan concepts and long term opportunities.
  • Identification of short term project opportunities.

Regional Planning

  • Analysis of existing opportunities and constraints including land use, natural and manmade conditions, etc.

Recommended Projects

  • Identification of opportunities for container shipping, commodity transshipment, shipping services, warehousing, distribution and services, agro-industry, tourism.
  • Identification of support infrastructure requirements for highway and rail transport systems, airport service, industry and business sites, and human resources.

Study Manager