Project Description

Al Gurm Resort Phase II:

Master Plan and Architectural Design RFP

Al Gurm Resort, located on the western edge of the City of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the U.A.E., is a master-planned residential community which is being developed by Aldar Properties (“The Client”). The overall development area of X ha. encompasses the existing coastline as well as mangroves, established by the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan more than thirty-five years ago, and a series of manmade islands. The vision for Al Gurm Resort is to create an exclusive, low density residential community integrated with the natural coastal environment; with its proximity to the burgeoning metropolis of Abu Dhabi, the new community offers the possibility for a relatively small number of resident families to live and play in a highly attractive resort enclave without the need to travel to a foreign destination to enjoy a similar experience. The architectural design of Phase 1 may be characterized as evoking Southeast Asian influences.

Phase I of the project, now under construction and expected to be completed in the Spring of 2010, includes seventy-three Villas, twelve of which are located on individual islands. Phase II, the subject of the present Request for Proposals (“RFP”) envisions the development of additional dwelling units and a central club; a boutique spa will also be included in the Phase II development program, however this facility is only to be given an indicative location and conceptual layout within the scope of the present assignment. Previously, the Phase II area was planned to accommodate a resort hotel complex and the manmade islands, which are now in place, were designed to accommodate this concept. Although some minor modifications in islands may be necessary in order to accommodate a viable residential community, it will be desirable to minimize changes to the existing landforms.

The Client is, via the present document, seeking a proposal from qualified bidders to provide professional and technical assistance in the preparation of documentation to guide development of the Phase II project. The required services will be provided in three broad stages of work including, first, a Design Competition Submission including a Concept Master Plan and Conceptual Architectural Designs for the Residential Units and the Club. Upon the successful completion of the Design Competition Submission and upon selection by the Client to proceed to the second stage, the Master Plan and Architectural Consultant (“The Consultant”) shall, as subconsultant to a Lead Consultant (Engineer of Record) who will be selected by the Client, undertake the completion of the Master Plan and Architectural Design work to the schematic stage, suitable for presentation to the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council for review and approval. Upon successful completion of this stage, the Consultant shall provide detailed Architectural Design services in collaboration with the Lead Consultant team.