Project Description

2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympics

Advisory Services
Salt Lake City, Utah

In December of 1997, the Salt Lake Organizing Committee (SLOC) for the 2002 Winter Games and the Paralympic Winter Games engaged Bechtel to conduct a Project Situation Assessment of the status of planning, budgeting, scheduling and organization. Based on the findings of this Assessment,
Bechtel was retained to assist the SLOC organization in developing a comprehensive, “bottoms-up” budget which served as the baseline financial planning tool for the implementation of the 2002 program.

The effort to develop a comprehensive scope, budget and schedule for the 2002 Program which took place more than four years prior to the events, was motivated by the desire of the organizers and state and local government officials to gain control of the fiscal management of the undertaking and to avoid the potentials for cost overruns which some Olympic programs have
experienced. In addition to assistance in preparing the budget, Bechtel staff have been seconded to SLOC to manage the design and construction of several of the permanent venues which will be need to be built prior to the Games.

Bechtel has and is providing a range of services for the project including:

Experience of Previous Olympics
Consultation on organization, design and construction management experience gained at recent Olympics

Procurement Strategies
Diversification of risks, opportunities for time and cost savings, resourceful approaches to achieving desired “Look” within established budget constraints

Development of organizational approach and staffing for implementation

Development of preliminary schedule for project implementation

Phase 1 Advisor