Theme: Future Energy, Ways of addressing the most fundamental issue facing humankind.
B.I.E. Category: Recognized
Duration: 3 months (93 days)
Operating Season: 10 June to 10 September 2017.

The Expo Book principal, Gordon Linden, and researcher Cheryl Stanton attended the opening days of the latest BIE-sanctioned International Exposition held in Astana, Kazakhstan. With more than 100 countries present, Astana exceeded expectations in attracting international participation to a “first of its kind” event in this part of the world. Achieving independence in 1991, the country is the ninth largest in the world and has significant hydrocarbon resources. The city of Astana is the country’s new capital which was established in 1997. The master planned urban area features numerous landmark buildings designed by renown architects. The Expo site will be utilized after the conclusion of the event for an international financial center. In the run up to Expo 2017, Linden was Expo Expert for the City of Edmonton, Canada’s planned bid for 2017 but the Canadian Government withdrew support for the initiative, leaving Astana and Liege, Belgium, as the finalists with Astana prevailing.